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GST and Payroll Tax

Payroll Tax & GST Accounting Services

Alexander Bright is an experienced B2B payroll tax accountant who can handle your business’s payroll tax and GST accounting requirements. We aim to streamline your costs and ensure that your employees are being correctly paid in a timely manner.

What is GST?

Goods & Services Tax is one of the most important tax compliances that has an impact on every transaction a business carries out.

These are the key elements which are important to get right when it comes to GST accounting:

  • Registration
  • Application of correct rates & right methodology of recording it
  • Completing Business Activity Statement (BAS) or Instalment Activity Statement (IAS) correctly
  • Submitting to ATO in a timely fashion
  • Avoiding non-compliance penalties

Why You Need Our Help

  1. We can assists with classification of tax supplied and setup of tax rates on system
  2. We will introduce good practices to record transactions for easy documentation
  3. Accurate data entry
  4. Managing the compliance/submissions in a timely fashion
  5. Help manage the cashflows resulting from GST tax exposure
  6. Implement strategies to make the whole end to end GST reporting and submission process efficient and cost-effective

Payroll Tax

Payroll tax is a highly misunderstood tax area by smaller and medium sized businesses. This is mainly due to:

  • Threshold amounts of wages on which the tax is paid, which varies based on each state
  • Definition of wages and what’s included regarding remuneration is often complex to define
  • Recording of annual leave, sick leave, termination leave etc. is tough to calculate and establish in an accounting system
  • Registrations collection and calculation methods can vary depending on the structure of the group of companies

Our Payroll Tax Accountant Can Help You:

  1. Define and standardise the process to enable easy recording and payment of these taxes
  2. Define wages that are exempt from the payroll tax
  3. Record accurate data based salary costs and payment summaries

Contact Us Today

Alexander Bright offers both payroll tax and GST accounting services to small and medium sized businesses based in Australia. Call our office or contact us online today to schedule an appointment with our certified GST and payroll tax accountant.

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Tailored Services
Tailored Services

We tailor a package that best suits your needs so that you don’t spend any extra on what you don't need.

Fixed Price Assurance
Fixed Price Assurance

We quote on fixed price packages upfront so that our clients can plan their expenditure better.

We Save you Time
We Save you Time

We enable businesses to focus on their core competencies by taking charge of what we do best.

Committed to Innovation
Committed to Innovation

We use the latest technologies to make our client processes as lean as possible.

Value Added Services
Value Added Services

We are not just your accountants but also your trusted business advisors.

Financial Wisdom
Financial Wisdom

Our lead B2B tax accountants & consultants are FCCA, CA & CPA with years of local and international experience in leading FTSE & ASX companies.

Have a Question? Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we provide packages that cover the scope of regular Pay Runs, Payroll Reporting, and Superannuation. The idea behind providing payroll services along with Bookkeeping is to provide an operational solution that covers most areas of accounting resulting in minimal administration for our clients.

Choosing the right software is an important business decision that warrants enough research to establish if the software suits your current business operations, your skills level, your budget and your future expansion plans. For small service-oriented businesses, we recommend QuickBooks and Xero Online because they are STP compliant and allows to Auto Super.

GST is a tax levied on the supply of Goods & Services in Australia. Whereas BAS is a business activity statement that needs to be submitted to the ATO by GST registered businesses to determine what is paid on purchases & what is collected on sales. The difference will be used to determine your bill or refund, from and to the ATO respectively.

Yes. We aim to provide you with a competitive price based on drivers – i.e. hours, volume, the expertise of service etc. In addition, we aim to tailor our services to suit your needs at a competitive price point.

Yes, we provide a range of business advisory services, some included in our basic packages and some tailored to suit the client’s environment. Our Business Advisors have extensive International & Domestic Advisory experience across different businesses of varied sizes.

Please visit our Business Advisory page under service section.

You will be allocated an account manager who will answer all your questions in the first instance.

Depending on the complexity or technicality of the question, we will either raise a service request or escalate it to the senior management

Tax Legislations and accounting standards change on regular basis and can impact various reporting processes. We have extensive resources from publishers and regulatory bodies to provide you with frequent updates on latest changes in legislation through newsletter, blogs & social media.

We also train our staff on regular basis and update our processes to reflect the application of the latest rules & best practices.

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