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BAS and IAS Accountants in Melbourne

Alexander Bright has experienced BAS and IAS accountants in Melbourne who can assist businesses with their BAS and IAS requirements. We can ensure your BAS and IAS statements are lodged on time, every time, helping to make your bookkeeping requirements simple and stress-free.


  1. Compliance: Compliance with statutory reporting is an important issue in every business. A business that is non-compliant exposes itself to penalties and sanctions that can place further financial strains on the business’ financial resources, which can amount to hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Our IAS and BAS accountant in Melbourne can stop your company from incurring any penalties, fines or late lodgement fees. We can also resolve any past compliance issues and ensure you are ATO compliant.
  2. Statutory Requirements: The issue of Statutory and Regulatory requirements can be quite broad, but they can pose challenges if a business is not aware of them.

Value Proposition

Why Us For Your BAS?

  • TPB Registered: Our IAS and BAS accountant in Melbourne is registered with the TPB. We are authorised to represent your company to the ATO in regards to managing your accounts and ensuring your BAS is completed and lodged on time.
  • ASIC Registered: We work with registered ASIC agent who can act as an intermediary between your business and ASIC.
  • BAS Compliant: Alexander Bright takes the provision of BAS services and the issue of compliance seriously, ensuring all reporting is completed correctly the first time and lodged in a timely manner.
  • Submission Deadlines Are Always Met: We have a strong framework around BAS submission timelines. We will submit your BAS before the deadline so you don’t incur any penalties.
  • Correct GST Reporting: By law, it is the business proprietor’s responsibility to record and report how much GST the business has received and paid. We will improve your processes and standardise reporting of GST to ensure this is done correctly.
  • Account Reconciliation Services: We carry out sufficient end-to-end bank reconciliation and account reconciliation services to check the financial integrity of your BAS and detect if there are any discrepancies, errors or signs of fraudulent use of your company’s funds.


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Alexander Bright’s IAS and BAS accountant in Melbourne can keep your company’s records up-to-date and accurate. Call us today or contact us online to learn how our BAS/IAS preparation and lodgement services can help your business.

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Tailored Services
Tailored Services

We tailor a package that best suits your needs so that you don’t spend any extra on what you don't need.

Fixed Price Assurance
Fixed Price Assurance

We quote on fixed price packages upfront so that our clients can plan their expenditure better.

We Save you Time
We Save you Time

We enable businesses to focus on their core competencies by taking charge of what we do best.

Committed to Innovation
Committed to Innovation

We use the latest technologies to make our client processes as lean as possible.

Value Added Services
Value Added Services

We are not just your accountants but also your trusted business advisors.

Financial Wisdom
Financial Wisdom

Our lead B2B tax accountants & consultants are FCCA, CA & CPA with years of local and international experience in leading FTSE & ASX companies.

Have a Question? Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the scope of bookkeeping should cover BAS (covering GST) and Payroll Tax (if meeting the Salary & Wages threshold), however, it doesn’t include Income Tax returns which is once a year lodgement for the  Tax year.

GST is a tax levied on the supply of Goods & Services in Australia. Whereas BAS is a business activity statement that needs to be submitted to the ATO by GST registered businesses to determine what is paid on purchases & what is collected on sales. The difference will be used to determine your bill or refund, from and to the ATO respectively.

Choosing the right software is an important business decision that warrants enough research to establish if the software suits your current business operations, your skills level, your budget and your future expansion plans. For small service-oriented businesses, we recommend QuickBooks and Xero Online.

Set Up can be an extensive process. This can include business information, tax details, banking feeds, reporting structure to migrating historical information.

This will vary depending on the extensiveness and the maturity of the business operations

You will be allocated an account manager who will answer all your questions in the first instance.

Depending on the complexity or technicality of the question, we will either raise a service request or escalate it to the senior management

Yes. We believe that the quality of collecting, recording and reviewing the data is what matters in accounting processes. We work on various systems to accommodate the client’s infrastructure

Yes. We can tailor your engagement to accommodate elements that suits your day-to-day needs including access to the accounting software

Absolutely. We vet all our employees and provide a safe & secure storage cloud environment for storage of all your information

Our basic Bookkeeping & Accounting services includes a yearly introduction to the analysis of financial performance from our accountants with key ratios and recommendations.

We can also provide this on regular basis. Please visit our Business Intelligence page under the service section.

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