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Business Advisory


Our trusted business advisors are able to provide a comprehensive range of business advisory and accounting services in Melbourne to add that extra value your business deserves.

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Bookkeeping Services


If your organisation needs a certified accountant in Melbourne that provides bookkeeping services to fulfil your payroll, GST, BAS and superannuation requirements, Alexander Bright can manage your books while you focus on the day-to-day needs of your business.

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Managed Accounting Services

Managed Accounting

We can provide accounting services in Melbourne for businesses of varying sizes, helping to save time and allow you to focus on other areas of your business. We can assist with improving cashflow and interpreting your financials so you can make the most informed decisions. We can also handle matters relating to managed super funds or an investment property you may have.

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Business Taxation Services

Business Taxation

Our experienced tax accountant in Melbourne knows how to prepare and organise your taxes to ensure your business remains compliant. Business owners looking for a B2B tax agent with vast knowledge of Australian taxation laws can book an appointment with us for invaluable tax advice.

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Accounting Services Melbourne
How We Help Businesses

Why Businesses Choose our Advisors & Tax Accountant in Melbourne

Tailored Services
Tailored Services

We tailor a package that best suits your needs so that you don’t spend any extra on what you don't need.

Fixed Price Assurance
Fixed Price Assurance

We quote on fixed price packages upfront so that our clients can plan their expenditure better.

We Save you Time
We Save you Time

We enable businesses to focus on their core competencies by taking charge of what we do best.

Committed to Innovation
Committed to Innovation

We use the latest technologies to make our client processes as lean as possible.

Value Added Services
Value Added Services

We’re not just your business accountants, but also your trusted business advisors.

Financial Wisdom
Financial Wisdom

Our lead B2B tax accountants and consultants are FCCA, CA & CPA, with years of local and international experience in leading FTSE & ASX companies.

Accountants & Business Advisers

Our a qualified accountant in Melbourne provides accounting services for Small business, Start Ups, Medium sized businesses and Individuals. Our dedicated Personal Tax Accountants, Business accountants and Business Advisors work relentlessly to stay ahead of the curve by following best practices and using the latest accounting software.

Accounting Services for Small Business

Start Ups, Small Businesses and Medium sized businesses need not keep a team of full-time business accountants and bookkeepers when it’s not feasible. Our Accounting Practice offers accounting services for small business, start-up and medium business clients that can help with matters such as accounting administration, preparation of business tax returns and financials, record keeping, and much more. Our accounting services enable business owners to spend more time focusing on their day-to-day business operations while we take care of the finances.

Accounting Services For Small Business
accounting services for small business

Business Advisors

As a leading business advisory company, Alexander Bright understands the needs of clients and aims to provide customised solutions that align with their business goals. Our business advisors have a strong understanding of market trends, emerging technologies and industry changes, enabling us to offer relevant advice, articulate complex concepts and make helpful recommendations. We also work collaboratively with both our clients and other professionals to achieve the most successful outcome.

If you’re looking for business advisors in Melbourne with the necessary expertise and local knowledge to provide tailored advice, consult with our experts today. By combining strategic thinking, financial expertise and effective communication, our business advisors can help you achieve sustainable growth and success.

Bookkeeping Services & Tax Accountant in Melbourne

We provide tailored bookkeeping services with strategic focus to keep your accounting records in top shape. We will dedicate an expert bookkeeper who will overlooked by a Specialist Accountant to give you a second pair to help you level up.

Our team of registered tax accountant & business accountants in the Melbourne CBD offer various accounting services to Melbourne & Australian business owners that are designed to help them meet all of their tax compliance requirements. Our tax agents can prepare Tax returns, IAS and BAS lodgements on behalf of our clients to help them pay less tax, as well as implementing pre-emptive tax planning and tax strategies that allow businesses to keep more of their earned money through tax efficiency

What We Can Help Your Business With

  • Bookkeeping
  • Xero Bookkeeping
  • Quickbooks Bookkeeping
  • Business Tax Compliance
  • Business Advisory
  • Business Strategy
  • Payroll Services
  • Accounts Receivables
  • Accounts Payables
  • Receipt Bank

Types of Businesses We Serve

  • Bars, Restaurants and Cafes
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Events, Media and Creative
  • Healthcare, Wellness and Leisure
  • Professional services
  • Real estate and Facilities Management
  • Information Technology
  • Education and Learning

Why Choose Us?

  • Our dedicated accountant will listen to you and learn about your individual or business’s specific financial needs.
  • We produce informative and actionable financial reports that will help you make better financial or business decisions.
  • We’re capable of handling all matters pertaining to payroll, accounts receivable and accounts payable.
  • We ensure you have a complete understanding of your business’s financial situation and how any issues can be resolved.
  • We can save you countless hours by taking care of your finances.

Contact Alexander Bright Today

Alexander Bright offers premium accounting services to Melbourne and Australian based businesses of all sizes spanning many different industries. To schedule an obligation-free consultation with us and learn how our accountants in the Melbourne CBD can help you, please call us on (03) 8658 5821 or contact us online.

HAVE A QUESTION? Frequently Asked Questions

Alexander Bright has an office located at 570 Bourke Street, Melbourne, making us one of the most conveniently located accountants in the Melbourne CBD.

Our certified accountants and consultants are FCCA, CA & CPA and possess years of experience in both local and international FTSE and ASX companies. Our accountant in Melbourne has experience handling the accounting and bookkeeping needs of clients across various industries, giving us the relevant expertise to assist with your company’s specific needs.

  • Sole traders
  • Medium sized businesses, small businesses, start-ups
  • Company & Trusts
  • Owners, Directors and their families
  • Partnerships
  • And other types of business entities

The best way for business owners to pay less tax is to contact our tax accountant in Melbourne. We can tell you about any tax deductions and tax refunds your business is entitled to, as well as implement strategies to help minimise how much tax your business pays.

An offsite accountant can take care of the bookkeeping and administrative side of your business while you focus on its day-to-day operations and requirements. This often works out to be cheaper than hiring an in-house finance department.

Alexander Bright understands that some clients would prefer to still take care of some financial aspects of their business. That’s why we offer tailored accounting services to each of our clients at a fixed price, with packages that are designed to suit how much we’re involved with your business.

Accounting services in Melbourne can play a significant role in tax planning and compliance for businesses and individuals. An accountant can help identify opportunities to reduce tax liabilities, provide advice on the most effective ways to structure a business, ensure compliance with tax laws, maintain accurate financial records, and provide expert advice on complex taxation matters.

Accounting services can provide small businesses with a number of benefits, including cost savings, better financial management and improved decision-making. With expert advice and guidance, small businesses can establish sound financial systems, maintain accurate financial records and make more informed decisions about their operations. Accounting services for small business can also help businesses to minimise their tax liabilities and avoid costly penalties.

Accountants in the Melbourne CBD offer clients a wide range of services to help manage various aspects of their financial affairs. These services can range from bookkeeping and accounting services through to taxation services, business advisory services, business set up and compliance services and more.

A small business accounting service can provide significant assistance with your business, helping to ensure all financial records are accurate and up to date while also assisting with various bookkeeping, accounting and record-keeping tasks. Small business accounting services in Melbourne can also give valuable insights into financial performance, provide regular financial reports and analysis, stay on top of tax obligations, prepare and file tax returns, and assist with tax planning strategies.

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